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Too Much Screen time? This Math App Guarantees Success Only 10 Minutes Per Day

Too Much Screen time? This Math App Guarantees Success Only 10 Minutes Per Day

During this most challenging time, families continue to make many adjustments. Remote school and the additional screen time that comes with it bring more stress to our already stressful lives.

Even the kids are getting tired of the screens. 

And now, the #covidgap (a term referring to the potential loss of effectiveness in remote education) could be causing your child to fall behind or not progress as quickly.

Math education is particularly at risk, and, unfortunately, many parents are ill-equipped to help their children, which creates anxiety even in the best of times. 

Fortunately, a Denver company is at the forefront of reversing that trend. Elephant Learning Math Academy was developed to fill in the gaps commonly experienced in math education. 

And it takes only minutes per day, three times per week, with minimal screen time. (The experts at Elephant Learning strongly recommend that kids use the math app only 10 minutes per day.) Consistent use for 12 weeks, 30 minutes a week, is all that is necessary for a student to gain a full year of math skills. 

The technology was developed by Dr. Aditya Nagrath with students, parents and teachers in mind. Dr. Nagrath, a mathematician and software engineer, created Elephant Learning as a fun and easy-to-use teaching tool that allows students to make significant progress quickly. 

This guarantees that your child stays ahead of the #covidgap

The key to student success with this unique program is the way it presents essential topics. Puzzles and gamification engage students in a way that promotes confidence and success. Students learn through language rather than memorization and develop problem-solving skills that are useful in everyday life.

And the adaptive learning within the system will keep your children interested and learning at exactly the right pace and challenge. Nothing else exists like it.

The first step is to determine if your child has a gap in their knowledge. You can receive the free placement exam report by starting here

This assessment shows you if a gap in learning exists and exactly where your child is in their math understanding. This gives you, the parent, the power to help your child catch up to and exceed grade-level math.

Plus, you can share the report with your child’s teachers so they know exactly where your child is, too.

The system places your child at the correct level, just below their current understanding. In this way, they start from a place of strength and can proceed with confidence.

As the student plays the games, the software automatically provides the exact activities necessary to either master the current level or move ahead when ready.

The benefits of Elephant Learning extend directly to the classroom. Students gain the ability to articulate ideas to the teacher and are better equipped to take instruction on the material being presented. 

The program also includes coaching videos to help parents work with their children — without anxiety and frustration — to ensure accuracy in completing the activities and to help the child recover from any mistakes.

The Teacher Portal offers teachers the ability to monitor their students’ progress and easily track who is ready to move forward and who needs additional help. Math classrooms become more effective as teachers are able to provide the precise instruction each student needs to succeed. 

Your child’s math success is just a click away. 

Discover if your child has a #covidgap or any gap in math education that could be compromising their future success. 

Get the free Assessment Report. Your child can begin learning a full year of math over the next 90 days. Guaranteed.

In partnership with Mile High Mamas. Photo credit: Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash


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