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Cat Therapy: How Cats Help Relieve Stress

Cat Therapy: How Cats Help Relieve Stress

Has 2020 been a rough one for your family? Why not consider getting a kitty for the near year! Cats are not only our fluffy friends but also the best therapists. They help us avoid depression and anxious thoughts. 

If a cat lives in your home, you can definitely name such a neighborhood’s positive factors. However, people who have never had a cat doubt that this pet can be of benefit. Who is right after all? So, let’s try to look into this matter.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Compared to loyal dogs, cats seem to be quite indifferent, and their human affairs seem not to care at all. However, they are not as indifferent as we think about them and are able to feel our mood if we are happy or annoyed.

Zoologists are sure that purr is an active and healing cat mechanism. Purring is the most obvious sign that a cat feels good. Caressing a cat and patting it behind an ear and you will hear these sounds you can’t confuse with anything. 

What Do Cats Teach Us?

Not only can people teach us something useful. Cats can teach us how to live and let others live. The cat knows what it wants and picks up what suits it best. That’s why lots of people tend to think cats are selfish. But that’s wrong. A cat is a sensitive creature, and its attachment to an owner makes it a faithful friend. 

Cats Prevent Depression

Having a cat has a positive impact on our well-being but also helps us cope with everyday difficulties. Cats distract their owners from gloomy thoughts and cheer them up. Petting a cat, our body starts to make oxytocin, known as the hormone of tenderness, love, and trust. It reduces the level of tension, and we have a sense of calm. 

Cat’s Purring Relieves Stress

The employees of the University of Washington experimented to find out how much cat therapy helps us fight stress. The experiment showed that people petting cats and listening to their happy purr could reduce cortisol levels in their blood. It’s enough to pet a cat for fifteen-twenty minutes to reduce the stress level. 

You Won’t Feel Lonely

Living alone can cause stress for someone. If you want to avoid it, you should get a cat. Cats are great companions. Despite popular opinion, cats are highly social animals. They get attached to people, especially to women. Moreover, cats can provide emotional support, memorize kindness, and return it to their owners. 

If you have a cat, but you can’t find a common language with it and find it unfriendly, you can try to get along with your fluffy neighbor. When cats are in a good mood, they are more friendly to people. And what can put your cat into such good spirit? Delicious food! If you take a couple of minutes of your time browsing a royal canin kitten food review, choosing the right food, you can find a devoted friend.

You Can Regulate Sleep Patterns

Cats are effective and harmless sleeping pills that suit almost everyone. The British surveys have shown a lot of people prefer to share their beds with cats. If a cat is in the room, your sleep might be deeper and more peaceful. Besides, cat purr before going to bed makes you more relaxed and deepens you into a sleepy state more quickly. 

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