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Colorado Gives Day offers 7 family-friendly holiday giving activities

Colorado Gives Day offers 7 family-friendly holiday giving activities

We’ve all heard the phrase that “it’s better to give than to receive.” As we enter the season of giving, our friends at Colorado Gives Day – powered by Community First Foundation and FirstBank, and proudly supported by Denver7 – have come up with 7 ways you can incorporate the spirit of giving into your family’s traditions and find more joy this holiday season.

1. Explore Colorado’s nonprofits. While it may be difficult to visit organizations in person right now, kids can explore more than 2,900 local nonprofits on Kids for Colorado Gives.

2. Request a Giving Card as a gift from family or friends, then make a donation to that charity using funds from the Giving Card.

3. Discover ways to give by downloading a free Giving Activity Kit or taking a fun quiz to find out what kind of giver you are.

4. In lieu of gifts, purchase a Giving Card as a stocking stuffer, then explore nonprofits to donate to using Kids for Colorado Gives.

5. Be a virtual elf. Just as elves make gifts for children, encourage your children to be “like elves” and make gifts to nonprofits with causes they care about. Kids for Colorado Gives is a safe place to find a local nonprofit and donate.

6. Host a virtual canned food drive or hot chocolate stand. Social distancing can make it difficult to collect food and visit local food banks. Choose a local food bank on, then host a fundraising page to collect virtual food in the form of $5 donations. Like a summer lemonade stand on the corner, your family can host a virtual hot chocolate stand using fundraising pages for your favorite nonprofits. Fundraising pages are easy to set up and you can “sell” hot chocolate or collect “food” donations beginning at $5.

7. Give prizes for chores or games. Enjoy family time playing a video or board game, allowing the winner to receive a Giving Card prize and choose the nonprofit to receive the donation. Or, add a bonus incentive to allowances or chores by letting kids earn extra money they can give to their favorite nonprofit.

“Think of philanthropy as another one of your child’s developmental milestones,” says Rebecca Olchawa Barker, director of philanthropic services at Community First Foundation and mother of two. “Giving and generosity are learned behaviors that you can teach your kids. Putting others before yourself is a great predictor of altruism and compassion in adulthood.”

Studies show that giving promotes happiness, even in young children as they quickly learn their roles in a community and how to connect with others to make good possible. The act of giving is a happiness-inducing event that results in longer-lasting joy because it helps reinforce their sense of social connection and belonging.

Colorado Gives Day, a statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy through online giving, is scheduled for 24 hours on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020 to support Colorado’s nonprofits that work tirelessly year-round to sustain Colorado communities. Visit to schedule your donation today.

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