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A Way to Give Back While Staying Home This Holiday Season

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As we continue to think of new ways to celebrate and come together this holiday season, the act of giving back to our community feels even trickier. However, families can volunteer together in their own homes by decorating meal bags for the local non-profit, Project Angel Heart. Decorating meal bags is a great way to introduce kids to the ideas of volunteerism and philanthropy.

Project Angel Heart, a Colorado-based agency, prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses. Each week, their professional chefs and registered dietitian prepare thousands of meals, from scratch, and tailor them to meet the medical and dietary needs of those who are ill. Project Angel Heart generally uses about 1,600 meal bags every week to deliver more than 10,000 meals to around 1,300 Coloradans in need.

The focus at Project Angel Heart is on improving health and nutrition, but they’ve always worked hard to make sure there’s plenty of “heart” in the work they do. Most of their clients are extremely ill and, as a result, they’re often isolated. The volunteer delivering their meal bag may be the only person they see some weeks. The artwork on the meal bags is a way to bring a little cheer into their lives. It’s a good reminder to the clients that people care.

Not everyone has the time to volunteer in the Project Angel Heart kitchen or deliver meals. But decorating meal bags is something that anybody can do, and it can be a fun, interactive group activity for families. Bag decorating started many years ago when a volunteer group showed up and there weren’t have enough tasks for them in the kitchen. The group was put to work decorating meal bags. Clients loved the decorated bags, and a tradition was born. Many clients write or call to share how much they enjoy seeing different the bag designs each week. 

Meal bags can be picked up at the Project Angel Heart offices, decorated offsite, then returned to the offices. All ages may participate. Project Angel Heart offers a no-contact bag pickup and drop-off process at their offices in Denver and Colorado Springs. This is a great way to introduce volunteers of all ages and abilities to the service provided by Project Angel Heart and have a positive impact on the lives of meal recipients.

Please visit Project Angel Heart to learn more about this volunteer opportunity including specific instructions for picking up and dropping off meal bags and bag decoration guidelines.

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