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Deals: Melting Pot, Halloween and Black Friday

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I don’ think this is just a Covid question, should I buy more candy or less this year? Do I buy what I like so I can eat the leftovers or do I buy something I don’t like so I don’t eat all the leftovers?

Chipotle Boorito. Chipotle still loves Halloween and we still love their deal! This year instead of showing up at a Chipotle location in costume, burrito lovers in Denver will be able to virtually trick-or-treat for 500,000 BUY-ONE-GET-ONE entrée codes via text. Codes will be dropped via Chipotle’s TikTok, Instagram and Twitter every day and fans can text the codes to 888-222 to claim them. The BOGOs are only redeemable via the Chipotle app or on Halloween.

 Halloween Car Wash. Brighton Car Wash USA will have a Haunted Car Wash this weekend. Bring the kids from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday, October 29 through Saturday, October 31. The wash will include scares, lights, fog, actors and of course, candy!

Walmart’s Black Friday Ad. I have certainly been that person who has foregone sleep in favor of a great Black Friday deal. I know that this year will be different. Walmart has just released their Black Friday Ad which has deals going for several WEEKS. The first one will be on November 4. I don’t usually write about each thing that is on sale (because that would be a long list) but I can tell you that this year – you will see the same sorts of great deals – just spread out a little bit more.

Melting Pot. During the week of Halloween bring your kids (12 and under) in costume for either lunch or dinner – and each child will get a special treat.   

SnugSnug is a new diaper and wipes delivery service based here in Denver. They carry all the different diaper brands and make it super easy for you to never run out of diapers and wipes. The promo code is SNUG50 for 50% off the first month of diapers. 

EcoVessel. The awesome Boulder-based company, EcoVessel is having a sale of 25% off through November 1. Featuring reusable products like fun bottles and straws with unique silicone tips. The kids’ designs are so cool – I want one for myself! They keep the warm drinks warm for hours and cold drinks cold just a long! I’ve personally road-tested these and they are amazing and look great too. I plan to score a few Christmas deals during this sale and you can too when you use promo code TREAT25 at check out.

 Papa John’s Jack O’ Lantern Pizza. Papa John’s will once again offer the Jack O ’Lantern Pizza – a large pepperoni pizza shaped like a pumpkin) for just $11 through October 31.

YWCA of Boulder Racism Talks. YWCA Boulder County will be hosting “Talking to Kids About Racism”, a special introductory program discussing parenting with a racial justice lens. How do we raise our children to treat others fairly when they see racial injustice? What are the pros and cons of talking openly about race and racial injustice with our children? What is the price of silence? Researchers have found that to be effective, conversations about race must be explicit, and your messages must be put in unmistakable terms that children understand. Two virtual sessions on October 27. Option 1: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.…/talking-to-kids-about... and Option 2: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.…/talking-to-kids-about...

Mizel Center’s JAAMM Festival. The JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center is kicking off its season full of arts and culture events through the 13th Annual Neustadt JAAMM Festival. The festival will bring nationally and globally recognized figures in arts and culture to homes across Colorado through entirely virtual content. There are some fantastic topic and speakers scheduled.

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