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Thirty parks in 60 days: This Denver mom shares her favorites

Thirty parks in 60 days: This Denver mom shares her favorites

As a Mom of toddler twins and a preschooler, I know fresh air and park snacks will turn any day around. But I’m going to test my mom skills and take our kids to the playground almost every day. Because Colorado parents are crazy like that. 

Our parktastic adventure was born after a visit to my in-laws near Vail. We hit five parks in four days and what we experienced was our kids in pure adventure mode. My husband and I chased our 3 park-ers. We slid, tagged, hung, played, skipped and snacked. We climbed to the top. We took 200 pictures. And when we got home, oh how they slept! With dirty faces and sandy socks. 

(Avon Lake)

Shortly after, I had a kismet conversation with my sister, momma to a vivacious two-year-old. She said, “I just have to remind myself it’s her Saturday too.” Hard stop. My children’s Saturdays are their vacation days? Interesting. We are all our best after a vacation day. And I know that my children’s best vacation days are spent outside with me. So in an effort to harness this vacation joy in our daily lives, my husband and I committed to @takethem2thepark. We set a goal of 30 parks in 60 days. As I write this, I’m motivating for our #4 park in seven days. Who knows if we will hit the goal?! I guess the world because we made a public Instagram as our park diary.

We have always been park lovers. Our twins, born 7 weeks early, were NICU’ers that went home with oxygen tubes and tanks. Their first “public” outing was to a park with their brother who desperately needed to burn energy. Fresh air became our vacation “moment” (because newborn twins don’t give you more than a moment). Since then, we head to the jungle gym when we have hard days or when everyone wakes up too early and I’m already planning their naps. 

The toughest part of going to the park? Getting to the park. You know what I mean – sunscreen, diapers, hats, snacks, water. Check. Where are your shoes? I need to put a bra on. Start this load of laundry real quick. Did I feed the dog? Usually getting out the door takes longer than the actual park visit. 

Real talk, over the past four years of playground visits (the number of years I’ve been a mom), most of the time I don’t want to go. I know the obvious benefits yet the weight of 100 things to accomplish kicks in. And then there is the dang pandemic and germs. There’s no magic recipe here, caregivers. But if I’ve learned anything in the last week, it’s that there might be actual magic in the wood chips at the park.

(Sunbird Park, Vail)

Check out a few of our favorite playgrounds:

  • Stagecoach Park (Evergreen)
  • Clement Park (Littleton)
  • Sunbird Park (Vail)
  • Washington Park Playground (Denver – find parking near Kentucky/Downing)

What are your favorite parks?

Guest blogger Mandy Wolz loves all things outdoors with or without her three kids. Follow her family’s #30parksin60days on her Instagram @takethem2thepark and be sure to DM her your awesome park suggestions!

In Case You Missed It:

Disclaimer: COVID-19 restrictions may be in place in certain areas. Be sure to double-check your desired park/playground is open before visiting.

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