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Viral video of kindergarten teacher shows how distance learning engagement is done!

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As the 2020-2021 school year kicks off, parents, teachers, and students are all doing their best to adapt to the new normal, which may very well include either part- or full-time distance learning. But ensuring that kids, especially younger ones, are engaged and actively participating in virtual lessons is no easy feat, as a kindergarten teacher from Washington named Mackenzie makes clear in a now-viral TikTok. In the clip, the enthusiastic educator attempts to teach her class about the number 4.

“My facial expressions trying to keep kindergarteners engaged in online learning,” the teacher captioned her post. But her facial expressions are just the tip of the iceberg. She’s also supremely upbeat, energetic, and—above all else—patient while attempting to not only command 5-year-olds’ attention but help them navigate tech issues like the mute button.

“Oh! I see Brin is holding up the number 2 and 2,” says Mackenzie in the TikTok, holding up both her hands with two fingers out. “That will also make 4!” She then prompts kids to raise their hands, and when a child is called upon, she uses a graphic placard to cue them to turn on their microphone.

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