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Fall Giveaway: Dinner to Go, Free Cleaning, Personal Assistance

Fall Giveaway: Dinner to Go, Free Cleaning, Personal Assistance

As You Wish
Value: $300

It’s been a long, chaotic, summer mamas, we know it! And, back to school is questionable for many districts, mine included! Are we going, we’re already delayed, what’s happening? It’s hard to make a decision on this fall let alone what’s for dinner. We have something to give you a morning or afternoon of harmony to get organized and ready for whatever fall has in store.

As You Wish was established in Denver in 2010, and is a full-service personal assistant company. They handle everything from errands, concierge, organizing, moving management, to corporate and personal events. Think last-minute, small, 6-person, socially-distanced birthday party or running the dog to the groomer (if you can even get in!), grocery store, post office, etc. This is for us mamas!

Principal, and creator behind the company, Allison Welch worked as an event planner, executive and personal assistant for over a decade before she formed As You Wish. This summer, she celebrates a decade of business and has consistently expanded her business. Welch now has three additional employees to help cover the expanding regional range of the organization and also the demand.

Mile High Mamas and As You Wish are giving away four free hours of personal assistant service to one lucky mama. Need an idea of how to use the time? I had owner, Allison, to my home (socially-distanced and masked) for an hour of service. What did I have her do? ORGANIZE! I’m not certain my children are going back to school and I wanted to get my daughter’s room situated for remote learning. I wanted her to be excited. Remember getting new pencils, pens, notebooks, pencil cases? Exactly. The small things.

Below you will see before and after pictures of Allison’s magic. I had her get my 9-year-old set up for the fourth grade (at home). Allison had the joy of going through the plastic bag I picked up in May from a school drive-by with my daughter’s belongings, year of artwork, etc. She helped decide what needed to stay and go.

When my daughter returned, she didn’t miss the 200+ items Allison moved and organized. She LOVED the reading nook that was created under her loft bed for her and the pandemic pooch. The room is still organized and well-used over three weeks later.

Slater’s 50 / 50
Value: $100

New and happening in Denver’s Rino Art District, Slater’s 50/50 offers a pub-style experience without the generic grimy atmosphere. Founded in 2009 in Anaheim Hills, California, Slater’s 50/50 was created with the intention of giving their customers a new and unparalleled sports bar experience. Galvanized with a love for bacon, founder Scott Slater forged the 50/50 patty –made of 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef — creating the staple for the restaurant’s array of burgers, wings, appetizers, milkshakes, and scads of beers on tap. Dubbed a “rebel gastropub,” Slater’s 50/50 brings a different approach to the Denver restaurant scene. 

After attending the new Slater’s 50/50 Denver location opening, I can suggest a few items on the menu that I personally loved. We started out with the Slater’s Vampire Dip, named with a ghostly-theme for the garlic and artichoke hearts blended into the warm cheese served in a bread bowl, definitely recommend. We tried out the Maple Bourbon Bacon Wings, Sweet Potato Fries, and their House-Made Frickles, all good appetizers to munch on while diners watch a baseball game on any of the restaurants big-screen TVs. After perusing over the burger options, we decided on the 50/50 Original burger–the 50/50 beef bacon blend, pepper jack cheese, avocado, sunny-side-up egg, and chipotle mayo on a brioche bun–hard to go wrong. I finished my meal off with an Ultimate S’more Shake, big enough for two, although my dinner date ordered a Happy Birthday shake. — Abby Usalavage

All-Star Cleaning Services
Value: $200

Everyone knows it’s difficult to keep a family’s home tidy and clean. The secret is to enlist the little ones to help with the housework– rather than trying to clean up after them or around them. Single mother, owner of Colorado-based All Star Cleaning Services and tidiness expert Laura Smith has five tips and tricks to get your kids to help keep your home clean. Enter this contest to win a free hour-hour cleaning with the northern Colorado company. And . . . awesome owner Smith has some fun tips for keeping sane this fall while be clean below!
Play Dress-Up: Young children love to make-believe that they’re someone else. Show them a photo or video of a professional house cleaner, provide them with an apron, cleaning gloves and nontoxic supplies, have them decorate a bucket with paint pens and stickers then “hire them” for projects around the house.

  • Work with the competitive spirit: When siblings are involved, there always seems to be a healthy sense of competition in the house. Task each child with cleaning their own room. Whomever finishes the task first, and to the highest standards, receives a prize.
  • Use photos or pictures: Toddlers love to organize objects. Instead of simply asking kids to “clean up their toys,” make a matching game with photos of each toy or item on its intended box. The Lego Box has a photo of Legos on the side, the book box has a photo of books, and so forth.
  • Establish a routine: Daily cleaning becomes easier when it simply becomes a part of the morning or evening routine. Enlist children to clean off the table and pick up any toys in the kitchen while you cook dinner. Begin going through these motions every night until it becomes a habit.   
    Most importantly: Don’t forget to praise liberally. A little praise goes a long way.

Saucy Chix
Value: $75

With fresh-fried chicken being the face of Saucy Chix, their takeout and delivery services are an ideal meal solution during these crazy pandemic times. Recently opened in the Virginia-Vale neighborhood of Denver and in Arvada just off of Sheridan, this spot offers a variety of sandwiches, tenders, salads, and some “sweet stuff” like Baked-To-Order Cookies and Layered Banana Pudding. A headliner at Saucy Chix is their array of sauces, offering classics like Buttermilk Ranch and Honey Dijon, and debuting new sauces like Scorpion Ranch and Sweet & Spicy Thai. On top of the personalization you can get out of Saucy Chix’s sauce menu, they offer different types of sandwiches and salads; the Crispy Asian Chix salad or the Chix on a Bun sandwich are two of the options on the menu suited for your whole family. Owner James Gregory strives to create a delicious option for guests, while also making a convenient meal. – – Abby Usalavage


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    Please name the ONE item you would like to win for this giveaway (you may enter to win each item up to five times but must fill out each form separately). 1) As You Wish Personal Assistant 2) Slaters 50/50 3) All-Star Cleaning Services(Grand Junction-area only) 4) Saucy Chix

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    Julie Bielenberg
    Author: Julie Bielenberg

    Julie is a mama of three who travels in search of fields, farms, families and more. Sometimes . . . she finds herself in often uncovered, or understated locales, which has since become her niche.

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    Julie is a mama of three who travels in search of fields, farms, families and more. Sometimes . . . she finds herself in often uncovered, or understated locales, which has since become her niche.