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Contest: Shiki Dreams Pop-up Art Experience is the Diversion You Need Right Now

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We had no idea what to expect when we entered Prismajic’s Shiki Dreams pop-up art experience. Armed with Prismajic’s Shiki Dreams app downloaded onto our phones and headphones perched over our ears, we took our first steps into an astonishing dreamscape. Kids, we aren’t in 2020 Denver any more! 

You may have been one of the lucky people who experienced Natura Obscura, Prismajic’s 2019 collaboration with the Museum of Outdoor Arts. Shiki Dreams builds on that surreal world by imagining what Shiki, a forest-dwelling Yeti, dreams at night. Your group of no more than six people can explore multiple rooms brimming with sensory experiences — from music that enhances the mood to visuals that delight (and may induce a shiver or two).

The half-hour-long dive into Shiki’s dreamworld provides ample time to journey through every thoughtfully constructed space. Japanese aesthetics and folklore are heavily featured, from origami landscapes to the music that was composed for Shiki Dreams. 25 local artists pooled their time and talents for six weeks, filling the 1500 square foot space with elements that guide you through a story while encouraging visitors to make the experience personal. There is no wrong way to go once inside. 

As an active participant in the exhibit, the app on your phone allows you to see animated scenes which hint at what Shiki is seeing and feeling. You can take screenshots of your favorite visuals while the app is running, so there is no need to switch back and forth from the app to your camera. In fact, this would detract from the experience. The music changes based on location as well. Additionally, everyone is given a small UV flashlight to sweep around the floor, walls, and anywhere you suspect there could be an invisible message left behind by Shiki. Look up, down, and all around.

Prismajic has worked hard to create a special space to explore. They have also worked hard to ensure safety and cleanliness for visitors. By limiting group sizes to six people (lower than the required legal threshold) guests have space to distance. They disinfect the flashlights, headphones, and borrowed phones (if you do not wish to use yours) between each group. Reduced hours mean they can clean and sanitize surfaces more effectively. 

To plan your visit, purchase tickets ($14), and read about Prismajic’s COVID-19 response, please visit Prismajic. The pop-up installation is located near City Park, just west of the Denver Zoo and DMNS. Your family could easily craft a fun day of exploration in the city with Shiki Dreams as a great way to round out a day immersed in culture and creativity.

Before you go, download the app Shiki Dreams onto your iPhone or Android device. Also, if you have your own earbuds or headphones, take them. They have some you may borrow if you have kids who don’t have their own devices yet. 


Prismajic is giving away six tickets for a 30-minute time slot. You may enter as many as five times below. 

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