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The Importance of Extracurriculars in the COVID-19 Era

The Importance of Extracurriculars in the COVID-19 Era

As the world reacts to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, we are forced to adapt. We find ourselves in a unique position that has its positives and negatives. The world has been tipped into uncertainty, but on the other, we are standing as a united front, sharing hardship and lifting each other up in times of need.

As a student, your traditional approach to extracurriculars has shifted as you reconsider in-person projects and alternative ways to make a difference while boosting your extracurricular profile. Think outside the box and show what an innovator and leader are. Demonstrate your adaptability to challenging and unpredictable circumstances.

To help students on their journey of exploring their passions and creating a lasting impact in an online environment, we have created a guide, “How to Create Your Own Online Initiative.” This guide will take you step-by-step through how to brainstorm, launch, and scale your own extracurricular initiative. You can download the guide HERE!

Our Crimson extracurricular mentors have been blown away by the clever, innovative, and genuinely considerate ideas our students have developed. These students have taken the circumstances presented by this unique time and turned them into possibilities and opportunities to ideate, develop, and give back.

Below are a few creative, impactful ideas and projects our students have brainstormed and built under the guidance of their dedicated Crimson ECL mentors.

Humans of the Coronavirus

One student has interviewed citizens from the 25 most-affected nations around the world, from Iraq. to China to the USA, gathering their stories. Just some of these questions include: How are you feeling? How is the media coverage in your region affecting you and your family? How are you managing self-isolation? How are you managing these periods of change? The idea behind this project is to offer an online platform to connect in a time of social distancing and to foster connection between those enduring the same experiences.

Ventilator Fundraising Art Initiative

One Crimson student partnered with a local artist in New Zealand, and commissioned 85 pieces of art relating to the coronavirus. Looking at this through an artist’s eyes, it encourages people to think of the other side of humanity, to see the situation from an alternative perspective. The student then created a website to host an online auction to sell the collection, the proceeds of which will go toward buying ventilators for the local hospital.

Curating a Guide to Online Learning During COVID

As schools close and transition to online classes, the dynamic of learning changes drastically.

Using this situation as an opportunity to adapt and assist, a Crimson student who had an extensive online learning experience with Crimson, identified this situation as a way to make a positive change. This student published an extensive blog on online learning, allowing students and parents to share their tips and experiences. The aim of the blog is to educate students on how they can improve learning outcomes online and to help parents support their children through access to additional online resources and references.

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What will your Impact be?

Uncertain times like these ultimately inspire and reveal the creators and entrepreneurs who dare to make a positive change.

If you would like to speak to someone about your extracurriculars or personal projects/initiatives during this time, contact us here to arrange for a Crimson advisor to get in touch.

Our Crimson Admission Support service offers Extracurricular and leadership project planning, execution, and reporting as part of the core service. Our holistic approach provides support across all areas of the US and UK university application process. We assist you to find your best-fit university, create a personalized roadmap, ace your standardized tests, craft the perfect essay, build candidacy through extracurriculars, and more.

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