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Colorado high school students built an actual house for their math class

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 Two years ago, Green Mountain High School implemented a program that has since spread to more than 500 high schools nationwide. 

It involves students using math to build homes for Habitat for Humanity. 

Now, GMHS’s first home-building project is being given to a family in need. 

“Surreal excitement…we’ve known about this house, we’ve been working for it about eight months, and we always felt like something else was around the corner,” said new homeowner Phillip Stonaker.  “Today when they handed us the keys and they were in hand, ‘We finally did it’ is what we were saying and giggling to each other and daydreaming about everything we could do with this space.”

The house is part of the “Geometry in Construction” program that helps high school students build an industry-certified home as part of their math curriculum. 

-Bryan Reed, 9News

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