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Staying healthy shouldn’t be expensive

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Navigating healthcare costs and insurance benefits can be overwhelming, even to someone working in healthcare. As you plan for you and your family’s health needs in the coming months, here are a few things to consider. 

  • There are medication savings out there – if you know where to look. Coupons, copay cards, and manufacturer assistance programs are available for many common and specialty medications. A quick search for your medication online can point you to available savings. At Alto, their team does the hunting for you, automatically applies coupons, and matches you with any qualifying programs.
  • Consider an HSA for out-of-pocket savings. Health savings accounts (or HSAs)* allow you to pay for both current and future medical costs, including over-the-counter medications and prescription copays. HSAs allow you to contribute funds pre-tax (lowering your overall costs)  and rollover year-to-year. You can use your HSA with Alto to cover your copays or any out-of-pocket costs (delivery is always free!)
  • Explore what’s included in your health plan. Telemedicine isn’t just great for social distancing – many insurance plans and employers offer additional health services beyond doctor’s visits. On-call nursing consult lines can help you assess whether a trip to the doctor is needed; mental health support and counseling services are often free for introductory sessions. Many online services are also offering free or discounted options for those without insurance during the COVID-19 period.

Questions about your medications or Alto’s services? Their team is available 9 am – 9 pm PT Monday – Friday and 10 am – 6 pm PT on Saturdays. Call 1-800-874-5881, visit, or download the app today to get started. 

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