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Candle Making with Your Kids Made Easy Thanks to Rosy Rings Studio’s DIY Kits

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You might be surprised to learn your double boiler has a use beyond busting it out near the holidays to make a batch of iffy fudge. 

It has a crafty side, too! Rosie Rings Studio wants to put your double boiler to use again by teaching you and your kids how to make gorgeously fragrant candles. Thankfully, they make the process beautifully simple with their DIY kits. With summer upended for so many Colorado kids, having a candle making kit or two up your sleeves is a perfect way to have creative fun in your kitchen that does not involve sugar and butter.

Candle making might sound like an intimidating process. If it were easy, we’d do it frequently instead of standing around in stores smelling 35 candles before starting all over again because they blend together. Rosy Rings Studio’s DIY kits offer a way to learn how candles are made while personalizing the experience with your own creative flourishes. There are four different kids kits that will appeal to your candle fragrance preferences.  

My kids and I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen making three unique candles. They made Blue Mountain and Orange Beach candles, while I made a stunning Blue Koi candle. We are proud of the final results. The kits were fun to unpack. Each was well-organized with step-by-step instructions. Of course, adult supervision is critically important. But what if you are the adult and you feel like you need an adultier adult to supervise you as you make candles? 

I admit, I was intimidated by what seemed like a throwback art. I put candle making in the same category as milking cows and weaving tapestries. But, I promise that even 21st-century parents can guide their kids through this innovative home-based candle making experience. 

Before you get your own kits for your kids, here are some tips: 

~ Watch the short Youtube video tutorial together

~ Don’t overfill your candles

~ Use the vinegar and water method outlined to clean your double boiler. It was simple and it worked! 

~ Let your candles cool overnight before putting the stickers on the tins

Are you looking for a way to gather your kid’s friends for a virtual gathering this summer and beyond? Rosy Rings Studio offers a Virtual Kids DIY Candle Making Party. An instructor will guide participants through the process of making their own candles. They will learn about fragrances and show off their art skills.

Rosy Rings Studio also has in-person candle workshops for adults. This is a great option for a date night or reunion with friends. Visit Rosy Rings Studio for more information on ordering Kids DIY kits or to schedule your own grown-up candle making experience. 

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