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Baby Rave’s virtual dance parties for infants and their grown-ups

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New parents with babies at home don’t have a lot of options for activities right now. With this in mind, a couple of teaching artists who work with early learners at theaters and art museums have taken their popular in-person Baby Rave program online, holding what they call “virtual dance parties for babies and their grown-ups.”Their goal is to turn your living room into your new favorite nightclub.

Baby Raves started in the UK a few years ago, as daytime dance parties for caregivers and kids. Musician Ben Coleman (Denver, CO) and choreographer Melissa Word (Atlanta, GA) have adapted the concept to take place in a Zoom meeting and expanded it to include a mix of activities designed for the developing minds and bodies of little ones aged 0-16 months.

In 30 minutes, caregivers explore guided movement to stimulate babies’ motor development, sing original songs designed to suit the musical tastes of newborns, and party down in the company of other new parents. Knowing that 30 minutes can be hard to swing for any parent, Baby Rave Live is for the whole family: while the activities are designed for babies, older siblings can join the party too.

Aside from providing a stimulating experience for babies, Baby Rave Live gives new parents the chance to enjoy a sophisticated good time in the company of other adults. You’ll find no pastel color schemes or baby sharks in this club!

Baby Rave Live happens every Saturday morning 8 a.m. MDT via Zoom. Each week sees new activities and the DJ spinning a different style of music. To register and learn more, go to, where you’ll find parent testimonials, videos, and Spotify playlists for you and baby to move to.

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