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Denver Flag Football League for Boys…and Girls?

Denver Flag Football League for Boys…and Girls?

I’ll admit it: I’ve sometimes been a reluctant sports mom but if there is anything my COVID-induced quarantine has made me realize is what a gift it is for my kids to be active, learn new skills, blow off some steam and make friends. 

When I think about football, my mind conjures up big, beefy menfolk but the National Flag Football league is so much different. Not only do they have 17 different league locations in Colorado, but they are also offering them for both boys and girls for ages 4-14.

Wait…slow down. Did you say flag football for girls? Yep, your daughters can enjoy this fast-action game that lets everyone throw, run, catch and play defense without the heavy equipment and hitting in a five-on-five setting with a shorter field. 

Too busy? This is one athletic program that isn’t a drain on your schedule or pocketbook (yes, competitive soccer, I’m talking about you). Their flag football program runs just one day a week for two hours: A one hour practice is followed by a one hour game. Families with multiple children will especially appreciate this. There are multiple age levels offered for coed teams so siblings can enjoy the same sport on different teams. No more dragging Little Sister to all your sports practices; she can play, too!

Some fun facts

 Girl Power. Flat Football is a growing sport among girls. Did you know NAIA colleges recently announced they’ll be offering flag football as a girls varsity, scholarship sport in 2021? Girls who join NFF are placed on a coed team or, through buddy requests, you can sign up with your girlfriends and compete against the other teams.

Learn the Basics. The National Flag Football League teaches the fundamentals of football terminology and skills to kids at a young age in a non-contact setting. All games are officiated by certified and trained officials so this is fun and legit!

Cool NFL Jerseys. All participants will receive a reversible National Football League (NFL) Flag Football jersey, representing one of the NFL teams, and flags that are theirs to keep at the completion of the season.

See your long-lost friends.  Are your kids bummed they haven’t seen their friends? Teams are formed by students from the same schools and grades, giving kids the opportunity to participate as a team with their classmates. 

Football is a National Sport. Let’s face it: football isn’t going anywhere and how much more fun would it be to actually understand what’s going on when you attend those high school football games? It’s also never too early to recruit your kids to become Broncos fans with you!

COVID. Colorado authorities have released guidelines that allow youth sports leagues to resume activities. While we’re all excited about the prospect of bringing youth sports back to kids, families, and communities, the league is ensuring they are moving forward with caution by maintaining high standards for safety and health during this time of reopening. Check out their protocols here. 

National Flag Football’s mission is to educate young people about football while emphasizing participation and sportsmanship. Fall registration is now open! For more information please contact their office at 877-866-FLAG or learn more at


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