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Here’s What Your Kids Would Rather Do This Summer: Music Lessons!

Here’s What Your Kids Would Rather Do This Summer: Music Lessons!

Music Lessons at Littleton School of Music are the Perfect Antidote To “Gadget Fatigue”

Ask your kids what they want to do “today,” and they might look up from their tablet or phone long enough to say “Uh, I dunno.”

After all, kids say that a lot.

Left to their own “devices,” kids might spend all day and night on their electronic devices!

But they will likely be more bored with that than they’ll realize… and more fatigued with it than they’d ever tell you.  And when they look back on this summer, well…

… They might not remember a thing about it.

So since “I dunno” is likely to be the standard answer you get from your kids, you might want to come up with your own answer for what they’ll likely look back on most fondly.

Maybe this is the summer your kid starts on the road to vocal stardom… piano virtuosity… or even rock ‘n’ roll legend!

Fun, Safe Music Lessons… Online, Or In Person

What might create the most memorable summer imaginable for your kids… even in the wake of the unfortunate events of this “interesting” year?

Piano lessons?  Voice lessons?  Maybe learning to play the guitar like a-ringin’ a bell?

I know: It might be hard to imagine how kids could embark on life-changing, inspiring music lessons and stay safe in the current environment.

That’s a challenge we’ve been working on for weeks here at Littleton School of Music… and I’m proud of the way we’ve handled it.

For starters, we moved into a beautiful new space at the beginning of this year, with a lot of brand-new furnishings and facilities.

Our school is clean, well-lit, and just about the safest place you can bring your family for music lessons.

Once the pandemic became a reality in our lives, we engaged the services of the most heavy-duty disinfecting service available anywhere.  Our surfaces and environments are treated regularly with the most powerful germ-killing stuff on the market.

The “bugs” just can’t survive here!

But students, their families, and our cherished employee staff are as well-protected as anyone could be when they’re here at Littleton School of Music.

And we offer online lessons, too, if that’s what families prefer.

Our Inspiring “Musical Ladder” System

Another reason your kids will remember Summer 2020 – fondly! – is that they’ll have the opportunity to create real achievements for themselves as their music lessons progress.

And they’ll be recognized for those achievements!

Our “Musical Ladder” system rewards students of all ages as they make progress with the instrument of their choice.  Your young virtuoso will likely be bringing home trophies, wristbands, and certificates of accomplishment as they progress through their personal musical journey.

All while enjoying lessons with top-flight instructors who make learning both productive and fun.

Give us a call today, and I’ll be happy to send you a FREE copy of my book, I Fell In Love With Music, to help you learn more about this great answer to the “summertime blues” – for the whole family!

Stephan Hume, founder of Littleton School of Music, appeared on the hit MTV show “Made,” and created the school in 2006.  His music degree is from the University of Colorado (Denver), and he’s a past president of BNI “Action Partners.”  Stephan lives in Littleton with his wife, Lauren, and his young son and daughter.



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