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Solve Summer Boredom at Epic Escape Game

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As Colorado opens more businesses, you might find yourself longing to escape your home in search of entertainment that doesn’t include streaming things or bringing in the packages of your online orders. You’ve done one hundred puzzles over the past three months. How about one more? This time, it’s not going to be of kittens and balls of yarn. It’s going to be a race against time to escape a curated, clean room in under sixty minutes as you solve themed puzzles. 

Epic Escape Games Denver and Greenwood Village are open for in-person adventures. Your family can band together in a new way that includes choosing one of eleven different escape experiences. Six themed rooms are located near downtown Denver and five are in Greenwood Village. Once you choose your room, based on interest in the storyline and confidence in your solving ability, the fun really begins!

For the uninitiated, escape room adventures are usually one hour. During that hour, you are locked in a room filled with creative clues that lead you to more creative clues, several surprises, and eventually freedom. The goal is to solve your chosen mystery before time runs out. A game master watches over your progress and is there to offer gentle hints if needed. 

Our family chose a game called “It’s a Holodeck, Sherlock”. We were aboard the Starship Epic playing a simulation of a Victorian murder mystery when things go awry. We had one hour before doom hit our ship. It was a fun mash-up of Sherlock and space, which spoke to our nerdy little hearts. Bonus: We escaped with three minutes to spare! 

Additionally, the beautiful historical-landmark Denver location includes game themes involving a wizard school, conspiracy theories, zombies, Camelot, and saving Christmas. What game matches your interests? 

In these COVID-19 times, your main concern is probably how they handle sanitizing and cleanliness. First, they maintain distance by requiring groups to stay apart as they are checked in one at a time. Secondly, all people entering Epic Escape Games must wear a mask in the public areas of the building. They also provide hand sanitizer and/or handwashing right away, so everyone goes into the room with clean hands. After each game, they thoroughly sanitize the props and clues in the rooms so they are ready to roll when your game begins. You do not need to wear a mask while you are locked in the room with your family. 

What if you aren’t comfortable with an in-person game? Epic Escape Games Denver offers Fantasy escape games that are video chat-based and guided by a game master. Your group can be far-flung around the world. Breathe new life into your video chats by introducing an adventurous element as you work together to solve one of three mysteries. You don’t have to be located in Denver or even Colorado to take advantage of this option. If you live in a place that doesn’t have physical escape rooms, this is a great way to get in on the fun.  

For more information on the games offered, hours, pricing, and policies, visit Epic Escape Game Denver.  Maybe you will find yourself in the Winner’s Gallery? 

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