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What happens when kids can’t go to school but parents have to go to work?

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The American economy is built on the idea that children go to school and parents can go out and work. That’s just not the case right now. It certainly hasn’t panned out that way for Laura McLean of Montrose.

“I’m currently in a master’s program for library science and landed a position at the Montrose Regional Library as an adult services librarian,” she said.

The new position doubled her salary, a vast improvement for a single mom in a situation she described as “working poor.” Her previous jobs were at the grocery or the local school district. She had tried to make a career jump like this for a long time, and now that it’s here there’s a big downside.

Whereas her work schedule used to align with her daughters’ schedules, now she has to be in the office every other week, even during the pandemic. 

McLean is one of the many parents trying to balance work and child care like never before. All of the school and after-care programs her daughters are normally enrolled in have been closed for the foreseeable future. 




By Rachel Estabrook, Photo: Hart Van Denburg, Colorado Public Radio

Child Care in Colorado

We all want our kids to shine and moms with young kids have been given the ultimate resource: Colorado Shines, a program from the State of Colorado which rates and monitors the quality of child care programs. This includes ensuring environments are safe for children and that programs adhere to all current health and safety regulations.  Visit search to begin searching for a program, call 1.877.338.CARE (2273) or text ‘child care referral’ to 898-211 to speak to a child care referral specialist. 

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