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Let’s Walk! The Big Dry Creek Trail’s Whimsical Murals are Picture-Perfect

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Small local getaways can inspire big memories. You don’t have to pack up half your house to go on a local walking adventure. Last week, we kicked off our Big Dry Creek Trail adventure at Standley Lake Regional Park’s many miles of lakeside trails. You could easily spend a day or an hour here. There is something restorative about being along the shore of a large body of wavy water as bald eagles nest nearby. 

But now it’s time to move to the east, just a bit. Away from the water, there is plenty to see and do as you stretch your legs, get the wiggles out of your kids, and perhaps, maybe if everyone is super-duper good (including you!) a treat is in store.

A good place to park is at Westbrook Park, behind Lucas Elementary School. This park has a playground and sheltered picnic area, but as of now remains closed due to Safer at Home. Regardless, the Big Dry Creek Trail picks up just south of the tennis courts. This portion of the trail is entirely paved, which is helpful for unsteady bike riders and strollers. The distance is about a mile and a half from the parking lot to the fourth set of murals and back again. 

You’ll cross a bridge over Big Dry Creek. Look for birds and animals nearby, especially ducks. The trail snakes along the creek as you head east toward Wadsworth Parkway. As you walk, the trail loses its wilder side and becomes more citified. The City of Westminster features the work of Colorado artists on several underpasses. Fanciful murals span the concrete sections. The artwork is large, colorful, and worth the walk to see up close. 

Walk through the tunnel under Wadsworth, taking time to admire the murals on both ends of the underpass. On the east side, just up the hill to the north, is a Lamar’s Donuts. They have curbside delivery of their amazing goodies. Grab a bag to go and return to your adventure. Or, pretend it does not exist, nope, no way and keep walking east toward raised railroad tracks. Another gorgeous, very photograph-friendly mural awaits, taking you under the tracks to yet another highly whimsical and beautifully done mural.

Whether you are into nature’s artistry or artistic creations, this short, kid-friendly snippet of The Big Dry Creek Trail has a little something for everyone.

Gretchen White
Author: Gretchen White

Gretchen is a mom of nine careening toward 50 in Colorado. She writes about the people, places and things she loves.

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