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COVID Diaries Colorado: A day in the pandemic

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A teacher greets her students. An imam counsels his congregants. A firefighter reports for duty. New parents take their baby home from the hospital.

These are routine moments in the lives of Coloradans. But the coronavirus has transformed the routine into the remarkable, upending how we live and interact with each other.

As a heavy spring snow blanketed the state on Thursday, April 16, journalists from news organizations across Colorado set out to chronicle a day in the life of the state’s residents during this extraordinary time.

The Colorado stories of April 16 show how much has changed in such a short amount of time. Teachers now instruct students over screens. Doctors speak to patients through masks and face shields. Newborn babies are quarantined from sick parents.

But the journalists also chronicled how, even as Colorado stares down uncertainty, death and illness, life goes on. Birthdays are celebrated. Prayers are said.

And in what feels like a dark hour, there are moments of hope.

Keep reading this compelling article which follows a day in the life of a preschool teacher, a doctor at St. Joseph Hospital, a U.S. Senator, the Denver City and County Building, an elementary school, the parking lot of El Jebel Laundromat in Eagle County, a self-storage locker in Grand Junction, the home of Arapahoe County coroner, the road from Steamboat Springs to Oak Creek (and this pregnant mom), Masjid Al-Shuhada in downtown Denver, Fire Station 52 in Brighton, and a family home in Aurora. We’re all in this together.




Eric Gorski, Chalkbeat

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