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Enjoy date night at home with this “Dinner and a Movie” series

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Hard times call for community, and nothing says community like a “shared” meal. Starting Friday, April 24th, the Flatirons Food Film Festival will offer a weekly dinner and movie series to enjoy together, while physically apart. With a streaming featured movie, “paired” takeout dishes from recommended restaurants, recipes for dishes related to the film, and expert speakers, each Dinner and a Movie event will offer an exciting and interesting online Festival experience from the comfort of your own home.

“Much of the Flatirons Food Film Festival’s success is due to the participation and generous donations of Boulder and Denver restaurants and food businesses,” said Festival Director Julia Joun.  “Dinner and a Movie gives a fun, tasty and community-building way to support these restaurant friends and neighbors.”

General information

Each Dinner and a Movie event will consist of:

  • A featured food film available to stream online
  • Specifically recommended meals related to the film that viewers can order, pick up or have delivered, and eat while watching the movie 
  • For home cooks: suggested Savory Spice Shop recipes for dishes to be made and paired with the film 
  • Speakers for a film introduction and post-film discussion via Zoom
  • A $5 viewing fee

We’ll stream a movie every Friday, including some past favorites from previous Festivals. The Festival will send out an EventBrite link at least 10 days before each event, with recipe links and participating restaurants. Approximately one hour before the event, all participants will receive an email with access information for the streaming film, live film intro, and post panel discussion by Zoom. Participants will start watching, and eating together, at 6:30 pm. Those who can’t join the live presentation can still access the film and recorded post-film discussion until 12:30 am the next morning, Saturday. 

 First Dinner and a Movie event!

WHEN:                        Friday, April 24, 6:30 pm

FILM:                          Tazzeka, a dramedy about a Moroccan boy who wants to become a French haute cuisine chef*.

“SHARED” MEALS: Moroccan-influenced takeout/delivery meals will be available from Blackbelly Market and Café Aion in Boulder, Eat at Community in Lafayette, and Fruition in Denver.

SPEAKERS:                 Peggy Markel of Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures and Sara Brito of Good Food 100 Restaurants


*Tazzeka screened at the 2019 Flatirons Food Film Festival. More film information, including a preview, is available through the Flatirons Food Film Festival website at

Second Dinner and a Movie event

The second Dinner and a Movie event will be Friday, May 1 and feature East Side Sushi from the 2015 Flatirons Food Film Festival.  East Side Sushi is a drama about a young Latina single mother who is determined to become a sushi chef despite cultural and gender barriers. Full details to be announced soon.

Check the Festival Facebook page for the latest information on Dinner and a Movie events.

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