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Avid4 Adventure: Resident and Expedition Summer Camps

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My children have participated in Avid4 Adventure’s summer camps for a number of years and now that they’re technology-obsessed teenagers, those adrenaline-charged summers are more relevant—and imperative—than ever.

One of the many great things about Avid4 Adventure’s camps is they are not just for the extreme outdoorsman. In fact, Pre-K – 12th graders of all levels and backgrounds learn to kayak, canoe, stand up paddleboard, rock climb, bike, hike and thrive in the outdoors. Day camps are offered in Boulder, Superior, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Washington Park, Stapleton, Greenwood Village, Lowry, Castle Rock, Lafayette and Colorado Springs.  Additionally, Avid4 Adventure also offers Resident and Expedition programs. 

I’m often asked why we love Avid4 Adventure so much and the secret behind their incredible programs is this: their culture. The staff aren’t just folks looking for a summer job but rather, they are professionals who live and breathe the outdoors. They have a passion for working with kids who understand how to help kids connect with nature and, most importantly, themselves on a deeper level. 

This commitment to excellence has allowed Avid4 Adventure to many different states. Here is a glimpse at their overnight programs.

Resident Camps at Mount Evans and Windy Peak

According to Senior Manager of Resident Camps Eric Richtor, Resident Overnight Camps are not your typical sleepaway camps. “Education through recreation is the fuel for why our resident camp is so effective.  Kids are totally immersed in our community and they become part of something that is bigger than themselves which is rare in today’s society. Kids aren’t exploring like they used to and we give them the freedom to explore on their own terms.”

Sure, there are still campfires and silly songs, but Avid4’s campers experience the transformative and bonding power of adventure sports and exploration, igniting a lifelong passion for being active in the outdoors.  “Our campers learn what are their true capabilities. Our counselors are fantastic role models and mentors who challenge their fears. Kids today need the exposure to do that independently so they have the freedom to fail. Our goal is for kids to achieve that failure point, understand why, and support them to achieve success in the end. “

The two Resident Camps are located at Mt. Evans and Windy Peak where 1st – 11th graders of all experience levels bike trails, paddle lakes, climb crags and set out on overnight backpacking trips. From total first-timers to seasoned experts, campers live in cabins, setting off on outdoor adventures from these beautiful sites.  Their Mt. Evans location in Evergreen serves 1st -5th graders and focuses on the basics of their core sports while teaching independence, confidence, and resilience. Their Windy Peak location in Bailey, CO serves grades 6th – 11th and is designed to give older campers the opportunity to push their comfort zones, build community, and practice leadership in the beauty of the Lost Creek Wilderness.

“Our goal is to meet kids where they’re at and give them the opportunity to flourish in a beautiful environment,” says Eric.  “It’s all about learning confidence, resilience, grit and respecting their peers. If we had more adults like that in our world, it would be a better place.”

Expedition Camps

Hit the road with Avid4 Adventure’s weeklong Expedition Camps that transport 5th-12th graders to some of the most stunning, secluded natural spaces in California, Colorado and Wyoming for an authentic—and transformative—experience. For Senior Manager of Expeditions Heather Davies, this Expedition program is the opportunity to slow down.

“I know most kids don’t realize they need it, but I’m sure it’s a trend parents are aware of. Our kids these days are so busy! But when you are in the backcountry everything seems to slow down in a beautiful way. The goal of the day is to be present and intentional in the community you are in, to experience nature, to meet your basic needs by setting up your own camp and cooking your own meals, and see that you are capable of more than you think as you tackle one of our core sports. A week of this will do wonders for our busy kids,” she said.

Avid4 Adventure’s multisport expedition (based at Curt Gowdy in WY or Steamboat, CO) explores a new sport every day including mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, paddling (canoe, kayak, and/or SUP). A single sport expedition will zone in on one of those sports for the entire week. Expedition campers sleep in tents every night and adventure every day while learning lasting skills in everything from gear management and cooking outdoors to problem solving and teamwork. Expedition camps are perfect for kids and teens craving a genuine outdoor experience in a small-group setting while giving them the know-how and confidence they need for many adventures to come.

Because Avid4 Adventure believes in empowering kids and teens to choose active, outdoor lifestyles.

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Amber Johnson
Author: Amber Johnson

Amber is the founder and editor of Mile High Mamas, travel writer and former columnist for The Denver Post. She is a passionate community builder and loves the outdoors. She has two awesome teens and is happily married to a man obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin.

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