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Tweens, Teens and Young Adults in the Coronavirus Crisis

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In this crisis, teens and young adults sent home from college pose different challenges for families than young children who need to be occupied and reassured. For starters, families are reporting problems persuading their older children to comply with social distancing rules. Combine the teenager’s innate sense of invulnerability, their intense focus on peers, and the fact that the virus is less likely to harm them, and you may get a lot of pushback.

This week, talked to their experts about this and other issues affecting teenagers and young adults, including those who are depressed or anxious, disappointed about missing important milestones in their lives and worried about their futures.

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults in the Coronavirus Crisis

Tips for parents with older children at home. Read more.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

For parents, prioritizing your own well-being benefits your whole family. Read more. 

Tips for Communicating With Your Teen

Keeping the parent-child relationship strong during a tricky age. Read more. 

The Power of Positive Attention

How to use it (instead of negative attention) to change behavior. Read more. 
We’re all in this together and it’s OK to ask for help. For local mental health support, go to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Colorado
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