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Census 2020: Why it’s important Colorado counts all kids

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Today is the day Coloradans will start receiving invitations to complete their 2020 Census questionnaires. Households should expect to receive their invitations to participate between March 12 and March 20; most will initially be encouraged to respond online or by phone, but some households in rural areas may have a paper form left at their front door by a census worker. Ten questions, 10 minutes or less—that’s all it takes to make sure your family is counted.

The 2010 Census failed to count thousands of Colorado’s youngest kids, and kids under 5 are at high risk of being missed in 2020.

 Here are some quick and easy ways you can help make sure Colorado counts ALL kids in this all-important, once-a-decade count:

  • Share these short Sesame Street videos (available in English or Spanish) about the 2020 Census on social media.
  • Display a Sesame Street 2020 Census poster where families are likely to see it—child care centers, preschool classrooms and pediatrician’s offices are all great choices!
  • Learn how kids in complex housing situations should be counted and share this information with the families you serve with this short handout in English or Spanish.

The 2020 Census is easy, important and safe. A family’s census responses cannot be shared with anyone—not a landlord, not another government agency, not even the presidentWhen kids aren’t counted in the census, Colorado misses out on important federal funding for kids’ programs for the next decade. Please take five minutes today to spread the word about how important it is to count ALL kids in 2020!

Mile High Mamas
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