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Top Benefits of Bike Camps and Nature 

Top Benefits of Bike Camps and Nature 

In this digital age, the need for children to be engaged in physical activity is more important than ever. Because biking is so fun, it’s an activity they can do for an extended period of time while experiencing the benefits without realizing it. Biking also brings friends and family together as they enjoy the outdoors together and create wonderful memories.  

Here are some of the main benefits of going to bike camps as they learn to ride: 

Increases stamina  

As kids cycle and increase their heart rate, they are exercising their body and cardiovascular muscles, which increases their stamina. This will give them the energy to do other activities for a longer period of time.

Relieves stress 

Sitting most of the day at school and learning a lot of material can be exhausting. Biking can help kids recharge their energy, release stress, and help keep them calm.  

Improves self-confidence 

Biking helps increase self-confidence because they can move around independently and navigate their surroundings effectively. After they feel great learning new bike skills, they will be eager to try other things.   

Develop social skills 

Kids can make new friends at camp, especially as they do group activities and play fun games. Not only do they learn how to ride a bike, but also learn how to ride safely in a group setting and communicate effectively. 

Pedalheads Bike is a bike camp that has taught over 300,000 kids how to ride with confidence. The most popular camp is Level 1 Newbees that shows helps kids get off training wheels in a fun group environment. They have a proven track record of getting kids off training wheels in a week.  

One happy Colorado parent said, “My 7-year-old son learned how to ride a 2-wheeler in 1 day and was totally shocked and happy. I can see that whatever happened during his camp has increased his self-confidence exponentially.  The camp counselors were all so professional and personable and enjoyed chatting with them.” 

Importance of being out in nature 

Many scientific studies talk about the many advantages of being in nature as children grow and develop including improved short-term memory, increased mental energy, and less inflammation. Kids can feel a stronger connection to the environment and think more holistically.  

Nature is restorative and allows people to concentrate more. Studies have been done where they tested students who took a short walked around in nature compared to a group that walked around the city. Students who walked in nature scored 20% better than the first time while the group that walked around the city did not consistently improve.  

Being in nature can even improve vision! An Australian study followed almost 2,000 children for two years and found that those who spent more time outdoors had lower prevalence of near sighted-ness among 12-year olds.   

New Trail Riding Camp in Colorado 

We are blessed to have many stunning areas to see around Colorado that are best explored by bike! Families can enjoy riding together as they appreciate nature’s beauty. 

This year is the launch of the Pedalheads Trail program in Stapleton where rides can go on a biking adventure through the trail systems around Stapleton Central Park. Riders who are 4 and up will learn how to bike on uneven paths, learn cool tricks like front wheel lifts, and avoid obstacles. 

About Pedalheads

Pedalheads offers learn-to-ride bike programs in over 140 cities across Canada and the USA. In Colorado, you participate in our bike and brand new trail program! 

Learn-to-Ride Bike Camps

Our program is reputed for helping kids ages 3-12 get off training wheels and safely ride on the road. Our program includes:

  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • 3-hour half-day camps and 7-hour full-day camps
  • Private lessons
  • Before and aftercare options
Bike camp locations: Boulder, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Hampden South, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Parker, Stapleton, and Washington Park. Go to for more information!
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