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10 things not to say to a mom on maternity leave

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No matter how much a woman might love her job, having a baby makes it hard to head back to the office. Before you comment on your friend, sister, or cousin’s maternity leave, read this first. Your “helpful” comment or question just might be the opposite.

1. Aren’t you dreading going back to work? Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, but either way, this isn’t something a hormonal mother with a fixed amount of time off from work wants to hear. In the former case, it’s an unwanted reminder, and in the latter, it’s just plain awkward. And either way, it presses our mom-guilt button!

2. Oh, you’re putting the baby in daycare? (Also see: You’re letting your mother-in-law watch her?!) Not everyone has the luxury of having a nanny (or wants their child home all day). If daycare—or mothers-in-law—aren’t for you, great! But remember: No new parents make their childcare decisions lightly, so please respect our choices.


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