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20 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas 2020

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“I hate Valentine’s Day … it’s even worse than Earth Day!” — Liz Lemon, NBC’s “30 Rock”

Funny how a day set aside to celebrate love can solicit such vitriol.

At least some Valentine’s Day backlash is tied to the retail holiday marketing cycle, which has stores readying their pink-doily-heart displays even before the Christmas lights come down.

And while everyone should test-drive an ooey-gooey Valentine’s Day at least once in their lives — gifts, flowers, chocolates, dinner…. the works! — Cupid’s sneaky little secret is that the most memorable romantic overtures rarely cost much money.

Here are 10 ideas for romance on the cheap gleaned from a Facebook query on the subject:

  • Surprise your sweetheart with a homemade morning latte or favorite cup of tea.
  • Attend a cooking class together.
  • Tuck love notes or nostalgic pictures into your loved one’s sack lunch.
  •  Pick up an extra chore around the house, with a smile.
  •  Let your significant other select the movie, then watch it and enjoy it. (Or least pretend to.)
  • Have a favorite take-out contest. Order your best dish from different restaurants. Loser buys drinks. 
  • Bundle up and look at the stars. Grab that blanket, your favorite drink and enjoy. 
  • Build a bonfire and roast s’mores all snuggled up.
  • Create a scavenger hunt that leads your sweetie to the sites of relationship milestones.
  • Scribble your intertwined initials on a steamed-up bathroom mirror after you shower. “Then when he showers, it shows up again like magic.”
  • Toss a few of those Necco Conversation Hearts in the car change compartment.
  • Take a paint-and-sip class together, which involves–you guessed it–painting a masterpiece. Or just laughing a lot about the lack thereof.
  • Have a high-flying adventure with a newbie Trapeze class. If that’s too risky, aerial yoga is another great option.
  • Channel your inner Carrie and Big by visiting the local library and checking out the love letters and poems of the best writers. 
  • Host a fondue party with family and friends.
  • Recreate your first date.
  • Have a romantic movie marathon
  • Make heart-shaped food. Pizza is a no-brainer but you could have a lot of fun with this one…or have a red theme. 

Whether or not you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or prefer to take the low-key approach, always remember: The Best Thing to Hold Onto in Life is Each Other.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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