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Colorado’s Vape Crisis ‘Can Hit Any Family,’ Even The Lawmaker Who Has To Pass Laws To Fight It

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Kevin Priola wants to talk about the challenges of dealing with a teen with a heavy vaping habit. The Republican state senator knows first-hand that “it can hit any family.”

“Tell your kids everything you want them to know before they’re 13, ‘cause after 13 they won’t listen to you,” he said.

Sitting at the kitchen table of his Henderson home alongside his wife Michelle, he has a cylindrical vape device in his hand. The dad of four took it from his 17-year-old son a couple of years ago. His view of the larger, often spirited, vaping debate is shaped by his experience at home.

“We’re of the age and demographics of we’re in the belly of the beast. We have children that are at the age, or they’re experimenting,” Priola said. The Priolas’ trouble started when their son was 14.




-John Daley, CPR

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