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Contest: Win a Corala Weighted Blanket to help with those sleepless nights (a $199 value!)

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Do you struggle to sleep at night? You’re not alone. A whopping 45 percent of the population currently suffers from “poor or insufficient sleep.” Maybe it’s insomnia or anxiety or pain (sorry, we can’t help if it’s a crying baby).

Enter: The Corala Weighted Blanket.  My husband has long suffered from rheumatism flare-ups and nighttime is often a misery for him. I’ve watched with interest as weighted blankets have become increasingly more popular but have hesitated to buy them because there is such a broad range of products on the market and frankly, it’s tough to know what to buy. 

Not all weighted blankets are created equally (and many are filled with dangerous chemicals) so when a trusted friend who suffers from insomnia due to her chronic pain recommended Corala, I knew my husband had to test it out. 

And do you know what? It works.

This special weighted blanket (which was created by an entrepreneurial mom and dad team) uses lead-free pure glass beads that somehow make you feel more secure, relaxed and calm. It certainly hasn’t solved 100% of his sleep problems but it has significantly helped the quality of his sleep, something that even Ambian hasn’t been able to touch. And my teen daughter who is sometimes prone to anxiety loves to snuggle up with it when she does her homework or watches TV. 

 Corala blankets are made using 100% soft, breathable cotton. The complete set includes their premium 60×80″ Queen size 20 lbs weighted blanket in lovely Living Coral color and also comes with a summer duvet and a winter duvet, to ensure you always have the perfect level of insulation. Best of all, the entire set is shipped in their attractive Corala Gift Box suitable for gifting or storing your blanket.

Here are few questions from their FAQ page:

How does it work?

The weight of the blanket draped over the body actually increases serotonin production in the brain, which is the hormone responsible for relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety reduction. Weighted blankets aim to use gravity to swaddle you in deep comfort while you sleep; that’s why they are called gravity blanket sometimes.

 What are the benefits of the Corala Weighted Blanket?

The Corala weighted blanket features all of the great benefits you have likely heard about. With weighted blankets becoming a popular tool to help children with anxiety disorders and Autism, a lot of research has gone into the design. The weight of the blanket works through Deep-Touch Pressure (DTP) stimulation. It increases the release of serotonin within the brain and helps to relieve the likes of PTSD, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome.

A weighted blanket will also prove beneficial even for healthier adults not suffering from any such condition as the DTP still offers a calming affect, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as you enjoy a restful night.  

Is the Corala Blanket bulky?

Absolutely not! Since the Corala blanket is made using high-quality glass beads rather than soft plastic pellets, we do not have to use as many beads to achieve the weighted effect. This makes for a sleek and slim blanket. Plus, the tiny glass beads make for a smoother feel, compared to plastic pellets, which often have a pebble-like texture. The name ‘Corala’ is from its color. Living Coral has been chosen as color of the year 2019 by Pantone color professionals.

(Hidden zipper)

How Do I Wash It?

It comes with two duvet covers–one for summer and winter–and when it gets dirty, just throw the covers in the wash.

If you’re a poor sleeper…or just enjoy the calming effects of snuggling up to a blanket by the fire while you read…the Corala is a fantastic gift that comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-night trial with free return and delivery. 


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Win a Corala Weighted Blanket complete set (a $199 value!) You may enter as many as five times below.

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