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Happy World Kindness Day! 100+ children’s books that teach kindness

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Every year on November 13, countries around the world recognize World Kindness Day, a day to celebrate the natural human desire to be kind and the positive changes that kindness can bring to our communities! During this celebration, people not only perform kind actions to brighten the days of those around them, but they also strive to look beyond the arbitrary boundaries that divide us and focus on our common humanity.

If you’d like to talk about World Kindness Day in your home or classroom or introduce children to stories that emphasize the importance of kindness, Mighty Girl has resources that can help!

Their blog post Children’s Books That Teach Kids to Be Kind provides a selection of books for younger readers that show their acts of kindness can make a difference to others.

If you’ll be recognizing the day with a donation to a charity or by volunteering, you can find books that talk about why we give both of our time and money to help others in our blog post Making An Impact: 30 Mighty Girl Books About Charity and Community Service.

In a world that feels increasingly divisive, you can teach children and teens that one of the most powerful acts of kindness is standing up for others when they witness bullying, intolerance, or bigotry with the resources in our blog post 60 Mighty Girl Books About Standing Up for Others.

By teaching our children about the importance of compassion and empathy, we can all help build a kinder, more accepting future for everyone.

Challenge: Perform one act of kindness on World Kindness Day. 

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