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Tips for Traveling via Charter Bus with Kids

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Traveling with kids can be tedious. Make that a dozen or two kids, and “tedious” may be an understatement. Field trips, multi-family trips, and outings for birthday celebrations require plenty of planning to make sure every kid is happy and each adult isn’t too stressed.

 Organizing your transportation is one of the first steps toward having a smooth trip. A motorcoach rental from Denver Charter Bus Company will keep all the kids together and entertained while en route to your destination. 

Whether you’re a parent planning a fun afternoon or an educator needing transportation for your class, we’ve compiled some handy dandy travel tips to utilize when booking your bus.

Request additional amenities

Charter buses are already a step up in comfort compared to personal vehicles and most school buses. Go even further and request a charter bus with amenities like WiFi and entertainment systems. Kids can enjoy online games on their phones or tablets when connected to free Internet, and entertainment systems include TVs with DVD players to play popular movies.

 Want to make the ride even better? Use the on-board WiFi to download games like Heads Up! Kids that can get everyone involved!

 Full-sized charter buses also include on-board restrooms to help kids avoid any accidents on the road. Keep in mind that minibuses don’t include restrooms. Smaller groups booking a minibus for events like birthdays can always ask the driver to make a stop along the way.

Buddy up before departure

It can be difficult to get children to sit still for long periods of time, especially on a bus. If your kids are less of the “sit and play Candy Crush” variety and more of the “get up and go” type, sitting them next to a buddy may keep them occupied.

 Have everyone pair up with a friend they’d like to sit next to before boarding the bus. Pairing kids up will not only make the boarding process a little bit smoother, but they’ll also have a buddy for the drive and at rest stops.

Pack anything and everything

When you’re traveling with kids, a lot can happen. Which means it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. In a charter bus, you’ll have more than enough space to store anything you’ll need. 

There’s plenty of overhead storage for coolers for lunches, book-bags, and games. Full-sized models have luggage bays underneath the bus that are large enough for items like strollers,  collapsible playpens, and portable cribs if you’re traveling with tiny tots.

Pre-plan your stops

If you have a long trip, designating pit stops along the way will help alleviate the pressure of finding a group-friendly place to get out and stretch. You can include short breaks at rest areas or shopping centers on your itinerary so your driver has a heads-up on when and where to stop. As comfortable as a motorcoach can be, multi-hour trips with kids definitely warrant some playtime off the bus.

Let’s Get Going!

Don’t let transportation be a major worry while planning an event with kids. Focus on booking the perfect party venue for a birthday bash or recruiting chaperones for your class’s next field trip, and leave the driving up to us! Call (303) 495-2341 to get a personalized quote.

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