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Newest ‘Sesame Street’ Muppet has a mom struggling to overcome addiction

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A “Sesame Street” character named Karli is about to help young children affected by addiction to realize they are not alone.

Back in May, “Sesame Street” introduced its newest Muppet, Karli, 6, who had just moved in with a foster family. Now her storyline is going one step further as audience members learn why she had to stay with her “for now” family: Karli’s mother is dealing with addiction, and her addiction is a sickness that is not Karli’s fault.

Karli won’t appear on the actual television show just yet; she was created for the online initiative. As her storyline develops, fans of the show will learn why she was placed in foster care: her mother had to go away for treatment, but now she’s back home and in recovery. The new resources, which help children like Karli understand the situation and cope with big feelings, are free and available in English and Spanish. 


Photo: Zach Hyman/Sesame Workshop

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