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5 delicious apple recipes you need to make this fall

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Now that peach season is sadly behind us, I have good news: apples. And lots of them. And these are five to-die-for recipes you need to try this fall!

Easy Apple Crisp Bars

These Apple Crisp Bars are easy to make from scratch. This recipe uses a basic shortbread crust topped with apple slices and a simple flavorful crisp. If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen

Country Apple Fritter Bread

Fluffy, buttery, white cake loaf loaded with chunks of apples and layers of brown sugar and cinnamon swirled inside and on top. Simply Irresistible!

Maple-glazed Apple Blondies

These chewy Maple Glazed Apple Blondies taste like sweet apple pie with a warm maple icing! This homemade apple blondie recipe is the perfect fall dessert! It’s easy, super flavorful, and always a crowd pleaser!


Appledoodles are a fun twist on the classic snickerdoodles! Great way to use up apples in the fall! PipandEbby

Apple Pie Fries

These Apple Pie Fries are a fun dessert that look like french fries but taste like apple pie! From: LifeLoveLiz


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