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Gretchen’s Great Grabs: Cool podcast, bento box trend & more

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I love this time of year. It is a fresh start. For me, it always included birthday gifts that were often my first day of school outfit or fresh new school supplies. I love shopping for supplies. Finding just the right folder, or a new pen that is perfect. That is why finding my favorite things at this time of year is difficult – maybe because something as simple as a fresh box of crayons (which you can now get personalized) or new pencils hit my hot button. But life goes beyond school supplies, there are some great new things out there that you should check out.

Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast. I have often had conversation of things that our kids won’t experience. You know, things like a dial-up modem, actual film strip (especially as it is done on one wheel and going around on another), the clank and ding of a typewriter or even chalk on a chalkboard. Sounds that most of us recognize but out kids won’t have context for. That is one of the reasons I love listening to the podcast, Twenty Thousand Hertz which explores some of our most recognizable sounds. Maybe this will preserve the memories of our kids for our grandkids who wouldn’t otherwise know these sounds. Maybe you can listen in on the way to school?

Spatty. I recently discovered this tiny spatula in the cosmetics department of my WalMart. The Spatty is kind of like a small kitchen spatula with a hard handle and a flexible silicone spatula at one end. This little tool really helps you “get to the bottom of things.” Yes, you can get that extra scoop of lotion at the bottom of the bottle/jar or use the last drop of your makeup. (Plus, if you start stocking up on what could be stocking stuffers now – this is a great one for your teenage daughter).

BH90210. For all us moms out there that grew up watching Kelly, Donna, Brandon and Dylan – we get to see them again in a super fun, campy re-boot-ish show. The original cast of Beverly Hills 90210 (sadly, less Dylan) are set to do a reunion – but the show is not about the characters, rather the actors that play the characters playing heightened, fictionalized characters of themselves. It’s a super fun twist on all the re-boots out there.

Bento Box Trend. Who has time to make these amazing lunches for their littles when we really are just trying to get out the door? My kids loved lunchables. But really, aren’t lunchables kind of expensive for what is in it? The cheap mom in me loves when frugal meets fashionable.  Get a box here. Then pinterest all the great ideas you can include in it.

What awesome new things are you finding out there? What is on trend? What is the latest podcast you’re loving? Book you can’t stop talking about? TV show that you’d binge? Send me an email if you find something we have to check out!

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