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101 Places and Ways to Take a Kid Fishing in Colorado

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Getting started is often the toughest part – learning to walk as a baby, learning to ride a bike, driving a car, and yes, even learning to fish. Beginners may think they’ll just go to a sporting goods store or a bait and tackle shop, pick up a fishing rod, and head out to a local pond or stream. But when they get to the store, they are faced with aisles filled with rods, reels, hooks, sinkers, bait and lures in every imaginable shape and color. So many choices can make it seem easier to walk away than face the nearly limitless choices. Sound familiar? If this has happened to you, or you haven’t yet made it to the store for fear that this would be your experience, don’t worry! We are ready to help you get started.

The key is to have a basic plan and start simple. This approach will help you keep your frustration level and gear costs down. So get out your pencil and notepad or your smartphone and prepare to make a list that will get you out fishing with the right gear in the right spot.

For beginners, 101 (+) Places to Take a Kid Fishing is a simple interactive map loaded with family-friendly fishing spots. Simply click on one of the locations on the map below and reveal information about that fishing spot: name, description, what fish might be caught there, and directions to get you there! Big kids are welcome to fish in these places too!


Looking for a change of scenery for your next fishing adventure? Head out to a Colorado state park with the help of the Check Out State Parks program. Libraries across the state are offering two “Check Out State Parks” passes, each available with an activity backpack containing binoculars, brochures and other educational materials to library patrons. The included park pass is good for free entry into any Colorado State Park for up to seven days! Bring your fishing gear along for your adventure in the great outdoors. (A valid fishing license is still required.) Start planning today!

-Doug Skinner

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