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Teen vaping and tobacco quitline launches in Colorado

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More teens in the United States are using e-cigarettes, and now there’s a program specifically for youth who want to quit vaping or smoking.

Vaping and Smoking

National Jewish Health recently launched the My Life, My Quit tobacco and vaping cessation program for youth under the age of 18. Teens in nine states including Colorado can call or text the helpline at 1-855-891-9989 or go online to  Teens will then be routed to a trained youth coach who can provide free and confidential live counseling sessions.

Tobacco and vape companies will do anything to get you hooked. By keeping you craving more, these companies know they’ll have customers for life. Teens who start with vaping are four times more likely to smoke cigarettes or use other forms of tobacco, and almost 90% of adults who use nicotine today started as teens.

Start the Conversation Before They Start About Drugs

As children enter high school their chances of being offered alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications and other drugs increase. As the risk grows, it’s important to have frequent, positive and open conversations with our kids about the choices they face. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident talking to your child about the topic, you’re not alone. Parents of teens often ask themselves … How do I know what to tell them? What do I do if they don’t even talk to me? How do I get them to care; to be responsible. Speak Now Colorado  offers some important techniques to remember when speaking with your children about alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications and other drugs. 

Don’t miss their 7 tips for talking about drugs and alcohol with kids. 

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