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Breast Express comes to Mothers’ Milk Bank

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 pumpspotting and Mothers’ Milk Bank are bringing women together to nurse, pump, nourish and connect. The Breast Express RV, a 40-foot nursing and pumping suite, touring the country to help unite communities in lactation conversation, celebrate moms and breastfeeding advocates, and share breastfeeding stories. 

 The RV, “a luxury lactation lounge on wheels” will roll up at 10 a.m., August 5, at Mothers’ Milk Bank. The RV is fully equipped with pumping equipment, relaxing nursing chairs, water and snacks to make mothers feel comfortable.

 From 10 a.m. – 12 noon, pumpspotting and Mothers’ Milk Bank will be hosting a mini-milk drive for approved donors, offering free activities, tours of the milk bank and Baby Café, giveaways including free yoga and Barre class and snacks.  All families are welcome to attend this free event. 

 While on the RV, women can connect, nurse, pump, add their name to a wall of boob art, talk with a certified lactation consultant from Mothers’ Milk Bank, and experience the pumpspotting app that helps identify other breastfeeding friendly spaces in the community.

 The Breast Express will travel more than 10,000 miles this summer, stopping in cities from coast to coast, celebrating and delighting mothers along the way.

 Mothers’ Milk Bank is thrilled to host pumpspotting as both organizations support women throughout their breastfeeding journey. Mothers’ milk is widely held as a baby’s best first food providing essential nutrients only it can provide. The Mothers’ Milk Bank is one of the nation’s largest dispensers of donor human milk in the United States thanks to the generosity of thousands of women who donate their excess breast milk each year. On August 5, approved Mothers’ Milk Bank donors can drop off their milk as part of our mini milk drive and receive a free picnic blanket.

Read more about MMB’s month of  celebrations here –

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