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20+ Podcasts for Family Summer Car Trips

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I have been an avid podcast listener for the past 15 years. I primarily listen when I exercise or on car rides with the family. Long ago when I was in medical school, I would listen to audio tapes on medicine topics while running.

Summer is here and podcasts are perfect for road trips with the family. Who knows, maybe your family, or kids, or students will be inspired to create their own podcast this summer.

I realize that the best podcast suggestions give specific episodes, so for each of these podcast shows I have done just that.


-Delaney Ruston, Screenagers




Wondering what makes these the best podcasts for kids Something that all of these podcasts have in common is that they speak to kids as the wonderful, creative, compassionate, intelligent people that they are. Each podcast inspires the imagination of the listeners in big, wonderful ways…and you’ll feel like you had a parenting win…even if no one liked the dinner you cooked.

Hot tip: I’ve only gotten into a rhythm of steady podcast listening in the last few years. And forgive me if I sound like a dope, but I didn’t really find the whole podcast listening thing to be very intuitive. Here’s a few quick tips if you want to dive into enjoying family friendly podcasts on the regular. I listen to podcasts primarily via Spotify or the Podcast app on my iPhone or iPad. You can “subscribe” on Apple Podcasts or “follow” on Spotify. This means that you won’t have to wander around through the app searching for your favorite podcasts for kids when you want to fire one up on a whim, or on the way to soccer practice. By subscribing or following, you’ll see new episodes as soon as they are published. 


-Erin Caserio, Todays Mama

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