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“Bed Cinema”: Denver’s outdoor movie screening with actual beds

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Let’s face it: outdoor movies sound like a great idea…until you actually watch the movie and getting comfortable on the ground or your camping chair is a never-ending battle.

Well, the good news is the world’s most comfortable “Bed Cinema” is coming to Denver August 15-18, 2019. 

The bed cinema will involve 150+ double beds complete with pillows, blankets and LED-lit bedside tables. Each bed can accommodate 2-4 people for a night of under-the-stars movie and chills with your best friends. Guests can also bring their own picnic blankets if lying in bed isn’t their preferred movie-viewing position.

Pricing: Starts at $50 for 2 people and $70 for up to 4.

Films: Anchorman, Mean Girls, Back to the Future and Captain Marvel.

This event will be in Denver for just 4 nights this August but will return next year, as this is the first year. Tickets now on sale at www.thebedcinema.

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