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Free Family Support in the Denver area!

Free Family Support in the Denver area!

Do you ever wish kids came with a manual? Turns out, they kind of do! Family Tree SafeCare® works with parents and caregivers to provide them with information and skills they can use on a daily basis as their children grow.

Family Tree is a non-profit organization with a mission to help people overcome child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness to become safe, strong and self-reliant.  We have three pillars of excellence: Child & Youth Services, Domestic Violence Services and Housing & Family Stabilization Services.  Child & Youth Services includes programs that keep children safe from abuse and neglect and help stabilize families.

What is Family Tree SafeCare® Colorado and what is the cost? Who is eligible?

SafeCare Colorado is a free, voluntary, Parent Support Program for families with at least one child aged birth to five in the home. SafeCare® Colorado is designed to help reduce parental stress and empower parents/caregivers with new skills as well as building on existing skills they may have already. SafeCare® sessions focus on the following areas: home safety, health and parent child interactions.

Parents/caregivers with at least one child aged birth to five in the home are eligible. SafeCare is available in most Denver metro area counties. Please check this website for a state-wide list:

What might be discussed during those in-home visits? 

We know parenting can be both wonderful and stressful. Family Tree SafeCare® staff teach parents and caregivers tools that can make parenting easier and more enjoyable. Many parents have reported feeling more confident in their parenting after the support they received from the Family Tree SafeCare® program.

Family Tree SafeCare® supports and strengthens families by building on the existing skills parents and caregivers already have in the areas of: home safety, child health and parent-child interactions. Topics could include:

Home Safety:   This topic focuses on helping parents understand the importance of a safe home, the types of hazards commonly found in homes, ways to remove/reduce household hazards and the importance of supervision. The SafeCare® program can provide FREE child-proofing supplies to help make the home a safer place for the children.

Child Health:   This topic is designed to help parents/caregivers prepare for when their child is sick or injured; recognize when symptoms need emergency care, a doctor’s appointment or can be cared for at home; to use reference materials to make good health decisions and to keep good health records.  Parents will receive a Health Manual put together by Pediatricians to aid in making informed health decisions for their children. Parents may also receive free first aid supplies for their home.

Parent Child Interaction:   This topic is for parents/caregivers of children ages 18 months to 5 years of age. The goal is to help parents to plan and organize daily and play activities. Parents learn to positively interact with their children, enhance the parent-child relationship and prevent/reduce challenging child behavior.  This topic will teach parent s to use age-appropriate activities to reduce parental stress and to improve a child’s social competence, academic performance, psychological development and well-being.

Parent Infant Interaction: This topic is for parents of children aged 0-18 months.  The goals of this topic are to increase positive interactions with their infant that support development, enhance responsiveness to infant needs and signals and to learn about infant development and age-appropriate interactions.

If you or a family you know, has a child aged birth to five, and may be interested in receiving free, in home, parenting support please reach out to Family Tree SafeCare at or (720) 492-9086!


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