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The Kidconscious Project – Helping Kids Build Strong Leadership and Citizenship Skills from the Inside Out

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Kids today are extremely busy with school and extracurricular activities, where they hone specific skills for whatever they’re doing. However, schools aren’t necessarily teaching kids important social skills such as empathy, compassion, and community service. Sarah Kozlowski, founder of The Kidconscious Project, believes it’s just as important to have a high EQ as it is to have a high IQ, to succeed in today’s world.

“As parents, we are often laser-focused on building specific skills in our kids to help them succeed in life, but at times EQ is forgotten in the quest for IQ. I believe success in life can be achieved by helping children from an early age become self-aware, know how to be responsible for their own safety, attain practical, life-long skills, become smart digital citizens, be in tune with their mental well-being,” said Kozlowski. “The Kidconscious Project provides experiences to give children and their families a way to develop kids’ sense of self and how they connect to the community and the world at large.”

She added that as kids are increasingly engaged on social media platforms and behind the screen, families have become more insular because the world at times seems pretty scary. This has resulted in a significant number of children who suffer from anxiety and depression. Kids can feel alone, bullied, and parents are stretched to their limits, reducing the time spent with their children away from these outside pressures. Media can provoke and spread hurtful messages that can harm young children and adolescents.

“Parents are often over-protecting their kids at the expense of letting children experience how to be a citizen of the world, and interact with each other effectively,” added Kozlowski.

The Kidconscious Project

After having her first child, Sarah co-founded More Than Milk, a non-profit that created ways for moms to volunteer along with their babies without needing to pay for a sitter. It thrived for many years in Denver, and as her kids grew older, she realized she needed to change the model. Her children were old enough to give input and learn a lot about the process of building critical life skills, and her desire was to build a family experience through life skills learning and social outreach. Last year, Sarah founded The Kidconscious Project, which aims to develop softer skills like EQ, empathy, compassion and citizenship through life skills learning and service outreach opportunities for children ages 6-12 and their families.

“Service is a big piece of what I strive to offer, but it’s not enough on its own,” said Kozlowski. “I wanted to open a bigger conversation that is deeper and more engaged, and gives kids the inner tools they will need to make service and outreach a more meaningful part of their adult lives.” 

How It Works

Sarah decided that diving deep into a particular topic of interest over a three-month period would help achieve her goals. This spring, The Kidconscious Project offered events and projects focused on nutrition and building healthy bodies.

This summer, The Kidconscious Project is focused on activities that foster mental wellness. With so many troubling cases of depression in children, parents can equip themselves to see what really needs attention in building consciousness and a positive mindset. Meanwhile, kids can participate in a range of mental wellness-centric events and camps.

“I’m excited about the conversations that we’re sparking with families and kids participating in our programming.  Kids are learning core skills that have actual application in their lives, now and ongoing, and they are getting a bigger picture of our local community and world in the process,” said Sarah. “Ultimately, I hope to create a more conscious-minded community of families that will have impact in each of their spheres of influence.”

Upcoming Programs

To learn more about program offerings at The Kidconscious Project, visit where you’ll find the full calendar of summer opportunities including:

Sparking a Centered Consciousness in Kids, June 22 3:30-5pm

Friendships and Leadership, 3 classes for incoming 2nd-4th graders, June 20, July 18, August 15 from 3:30-5pm

Arts and Minds Summer Camp, Wednesdays from 1:30-3:30pm, July 17, 24, 31, August 7

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