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Elitch Gardens’ Trippy Kaleidoscape is this Summer’s Must-See

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Kaleidoscape has landed at Elitch Gardens Denver in all its uniquely immersive brand of glory. Sante Fe’s Meow Wolf has put its neon-splashed stamp on our local art and entertainment scene through a collaboration with our own legendary summer fun spot. When old school theme park sensibilities collide with an innovative art collective, look out!

Really, look out. The former Ghost Blasters ride has been converted into a multiverse of sensory experiences. Riders climb into the same carts which snake along a track. The blasters have moved on from their role as ghost killers to become a way to open and enhance the non-stop special effects that pop up, hover, and swirl around.

The ride is a trippy journey through one oddball room after another. The pure creativity poured into the Kaleidoscape from floor to ceiling warrants multiple revisits. It’s easy to get caught up in the blasting aspect and forget to simply appreciate the art popping up around you. Turn around, look up, look down. Get off the ride and get back into line!

One of the best things about Kaleidoscape is its accessibility. If you are the kind of person who simply looks at a rollercoaster and gets whiplash, you can handle this ride. The physical aspects are minimal. This makes it a great ride for the whole family to experience together. Consider it a ride for your imagination, something straight out of a wacky dream you can’t wait to tell other people about.

Of course, all of Elitch Garden’s thrill rides are ready to roll. Some of my kids miss the old Ghost Blasters ride because they would rather be spooked than baffled. The beauty of a day at Elitch Gardens is there is something for everyone.

Meow Wolf Denver is opening in 2020. Thankfully, they’ve given Coloradans a hint of this highly anticipated addition to our already amazing art scene.

Elitch Gardens is now open weekends in May.

Gretchen White
Author: Gretchen White

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