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Summer Camp: Lights, Camera, Action, Fun!

Summer Camp: Lights, Camera, Action, Fun!

Talk to the Camera summer camps turn screen time into hands-on, interactive play time!  With intentional use of technology, children learn useful life-long skills that change how they use screen time this summer.

3 ways to turn screen time into something positive!

  1. Screen time can be a bonding experience – Collaboration and teamwork are a huge part of social-emotional learning and friendship building. When children have opportunities to discover new skills and work together in a small group creating videos, their self-esteem increases. From Little Stars camps for preschoolers to Alien Invasion camps for tweens, children have fun-filled days of discovery, laughter, and creation working together and making new friends.
  2. Screen Time can be educational-  Actively engaging in all aspects of movie-making is the perfect deterrent for summer learning loss. In Movie MAGIC camps –  children learn film techniques, production roles, and on-camera acting. Various roles target specific skills. Directing is brilliant for leadership and decision making while operating the camera and editing are great for developing listening skills. Kids learning continues while acting, prompting memorization and providing a platform for imaginative storytelling. All campers join an end of summer celebration that includes pictures on the red carpet and watching their movies on the BIG screen!
  3. Screen Time can be Social– Teaching kids healthy, appropriate, and productive types of onscreen communication, builds social skills and confidence. The YOUth TUBEr©  series of camps, teach kids to use YouTube responsibly and promotes an attitude of acceptance. Each child is a STAR, learning how to develop storytelling styles while making videos that are engaging and unique. And BONUS- talking to the camera builds social communication skills like public speaking, active listening, and improved eye contact.

Talk to the Camera is Colorado’s First On-Camera Video creation & Movie-Making Camp created by two Denver moms who have been in your shoes!

WHY sign up for one of these SUMMER CAMPS?

  1. Summer camp variety- YOUth TUBEr, Little Stars⭐️(*New for preschoolers) & Movie Magic “themed” camps to name a few.
  2. Convenient Scheduling – Week-long summer camps – in half-day and full-day formats.
  3. End of Season RED CARPET SCREENING – Campers & families celebrate their summer learning, walk the red carpet and enjoy seeing themselves on the BIG screen!
  4. Early-Bird Discounts & Scholarships at The Highlands Center, Denver- Fill out scholarship request here.


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