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Outdoor Pop-up ‘The Bed Cinema’ is coming to Denver

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When was the last time you went to Denver’s drive-in theaters, The Denver Mart Drive-In and The 88 Drive-In Theatre?  The drive-in is a fun novelty for families but sitting in your car can get cramped. 

We all love movies in bed. Now here’s another reason to stay in bed with the world’s most comfortable outdoor cinema entitled The Bed Cinema which is coming to cities across the U.S. this summer. Starting in August 2019, the outdoor cinema will screen a number of blockbusters from the comfort of 150 double beds with pillows, blankets and an LED-lit bedside table at your side to hold your goodies while you watch a film. 

The experience is traveling across the U.S., hitting cities such as Los Angeles, Venice Beach and of course – Denver. Prices of tickets and locations are yet to be announced. You can sign up for and on the list for pre-release tickets here.

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