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Grethen’s Spring Grabs: From mocktails to penguins

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I grew up in Steamboat – when April was considered Mud Season, because all the snow was melting leaving just mud and muck for the spring. But for many people Spring may be their favorite season. I understand why. Maybe it is true that April showers bring May flowers. Here are some of my favorite finds for April this year.
Animal Umbrella. I was downtown last week and saw a kid hoisting their cute SunniMix Cartoon 3D Umbrella. I love the cute little giraffe one! My favorite was the giraffe (I’m partial to tall things since I’m so short) but, there are several others that are at Amazon (the puppy one is really cute too) – that gives me pause to my non-umbrella (rain jacket wearing) ways and drives me to go “singing in the rain”
Bible Binge Podcast. As we round the week into Easter, I always feel like I haven’t been to church enough (or maybe more like I should actually go sometimes). What if the team that brings you popcast, Knox and Jamie, used that same irreverently (but clean) funny style to bring you “dope stories” from the Bible?
Nothing Bundt Cakes. I may be late to this train as several of my friends have talked about Nothing Bundt Cakes for a while now. But I recently was able to try one of their mini bundt cakes and now understand. The sweet little moist cakes are more cake than frosting (unlike a lot of the cupcake places). My favorite is a seasonal bit called strawberries and cream. Delightful punch of strawberries made it so yummy!
Mocktails Trend. I am honestly loving this one. I am not a big drinker but I do like to try a fun fruity beverage. Trending these days is Mocktails! Yes, you read that right fun drinks WITHOUT the alcohol. Some to try in Denver are: Old Fashioned without whiskey at Halcyon Hotel; Rehydrator at Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder; Pomegranate lemonade at Comida; or try a Kombucha taproom (sometimes you can score flight deals on
Penguins. Disneynature is back at it with a nature story about Steve, a penguin who joins fellow males in the icy Antarctic  looking for a life partner and wanting to start a family. In the way Disney does best, they humanize animals and make us all want to be friends! See it on an IMAX screen for Earth Day!
What is making your spring happy? What are you listening to? Watching? Reading? 
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Gretchen loves to be outdoors! She is addicted to coupons and finding the best deals or entering sweepstakes (one day she will win something really great!)

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