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‘Hot Costco Dad’ goes viral after first enthusiastic trip to superstore

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A video of a father who was overjoyed at his unbelievable savings on groceries has garnered five million views and earned him the enviable nickname “hot Costco dad.”

It all began when TJ Musto posted the video depicting his father’s triumphant return from his inaugural trip to Costco to reddit and Twitter. Choruses of affection from all corners of the internet came quickly. Inspired viewers were right there with him, flying home from the wholesale warehouse club on frugal wings of joy.

In the video, a voice off-camera asks Musto which items were good deals. Musto excitedly points and says, “the water.” Musto lifts up a large bag of what appear to be pistachios, shaking them at someone off-screen, while enthusiastically revealing the price he just paid for said item: “$9!” According to Musto, they’d be about a third more expensive at his local supermarket.

“These sausages — I think were eight bucks!” he said with a level of excitement usually reserved for animated cartoons. “Stephanie said she’s getting me a Costco card for my birthday.”

We hear ya and can’t wait until you make one for Target. 

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