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Summer Camp: Digistars Make-a-Movie Workshop studio

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Imagine molding characters out of clay and making them move on screen. Or maybe you’d rather write and act in a movie that takes place in Paris, or in ancient Egypt, or in outer space? At the Digistars Make-a-Movie Workshop studio, your dreams can come to life in a Claymation TM or live action filmmaking camp this summer!

We don’t just pick up a camera and shoot, though we do that, too, but our goal is to have a true adventure in digital storytelling by making movies that are fun to watch and tell an engaging story. Campers drive every part of the hands-on production process from storyboarding to set construction to acting, lighting and directing, and finally, to editing the film into a polished product.

“We made a really cool movie!” raved 2nd grader, Sasha, after screening her masterpiece about a talking ice cream cone, popcorn, and a unicorn.

“It was awesome,” agreed Eliza, a 4th grader whose movie featured a princess who encounters a flying dragon while on a road trip with friends.

Moviemaking combines art and creativity with technology and structure. Guided by our trained and experienced instructors who are passionate about filmmaking and working with kids, campers learn real-world creative and technical skills that carry over into academic and workplace success in our visually-driven, media-filled world.

“We always have fun in a Digistars camp,” exclaim 5th grade twins and veteran campers Jack and Mia. “Each time we learn new techniques and make different stories.” Jack especially loves adding sound effects to his movies.

Collaboration and teamwork are integral to filmmaking. “My son loved Make-a-Movie Workshop because of the technology and creativity,” says Christina, mother of 6th grader Mikey. “I loved it because he learned to express his ideas while working as a part of a team.” 

In a Digistars stop motion animation program, we build sets and mold clay into characters that are limited only by our imagination. Characters grow or shrink, fly across the stage, or even explode on camera.

The studio’s green screen allows us to set the story anywhere we can imagine in a live action filmmaking camp. Campers dive into our costume bins to discover costumes and props for movies set in outer space or on the streets of ancient Rome, or even in the Sonoran desert.

“Our green screen movie was called The Epic Train Robberies,” explains Henry, a 4th grader. “We started by robbing the trains in Paris, and our hideout was in the sewers underground! At the end, we banished the villain to the Egypt for her crimes. You can be anywhere with the green screen!”

The sense of accomplishment earned from finishing a movie is evident in the proud, beaming faces of campers and in the admiration from parents at the final screening.

“The Make-a-Movie Workshop camp was a box office hit – the content and instructors got rave reviews,” says Leigh, mom of Sophie (5th grade) and Emilie (3rd grade). “The creative juices were still flowing when they came home: the dinner conversation was full of new ideas and excitement for the final product.”  

Digistars Make-a-Movie Workshop takes kids in grades 1-8 from fooling around on an iPhone to a professional level of moviemaking in a fun and creative week. Space is limited, so be sure to secure a spot for your Digital Star today!

Amber Johnson
Author: Amber Johnson

Amber is the founder and editor of Mile High Mamas. She is a passionate community builder and loves the outdoors. She has two awesome teens and is happily married to a man obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin.

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