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Bear Pole Expeditions: Transformative Outdoor Summers Camps for Youth

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With the snow piling up, it’s hard to imagine another exciting summer camp season is just around the corner. If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to consider including a camp experience as part of your summer. At Bear Pole Expeditions, we have always believed that summer camp should be considered an integral and essential part of a child’s education.

Personally, I know of no greater reward than the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on a young person’s life. Camp is a place where kids can “come of age”, benefiting from experiences in nature that serve as a catalyst for growth. With supportive leadership, camp is a place where kids can develop essential life-skills, forge relationships built on trust and mutual respect, and work together toward common goals with new friends. It is a place where kids can feel safe being themselves and accepted for who they are.

In today’s ever-increasingly complicated world, kids need camp now more than ever. Spending part of a summer at Bear Pole can be a transformative experience, truly life-changing. Free to be themselves away from the competitive demands of school, campers learn to work together toward common goals, to respect each other’s differences and embrace each person’s uniqueness.

At Bear Pole Expeditions, we have been offering fun, unique, exciting, impactful summer camp programs to young people from across the US and around the world since 1966. No matter your level of experience, we have a program that’s right for you. We spend the first few days of each camp session at our beautiful camp property near Steamboat Springs, building community and camaraderie with your new group of friends. We purposely keep our camper groups small, no more than nine per expedition. Each camper becomes an important part of the group.

Much of your time at camp will be spent adventuring in the mountains, rivers and canyon country, hiking and exploring a world of remarkable beauty and opportunity. Together we will explore pristine wilderness, enjoy quality time in nature, and discover the thrill of outdoor adventures with new friends. We teach the skills necessary to comfortably and safely travel in the backcountry, including knowledge in leave-no-trace camping, shelter construction, outdoor cooking, building campfires, outdoor safety, environmental education and much more. By meeting each day’s challenges as a team, a camper’s confidence grows, as does a sense of responsibility to others. The time spent adventuring together creates a strong group identity that will be remembered for years.

As we guide campers on exceptional journeys of exploration, discovery and adventure, they learn more about themselves and enjoy a rich quality of living that only time in nature can offer. Contact us at 970-846-7358, email or visit for further details on each of our unique programs

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