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This tear-jerker viral holiday ad that will make you want to spend time with loved ones

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Grab the tissues. This holiday ad has wracked up more than 12 million views on YouTube and is reminding us all just how short life is. 

Pernod Ricard liqueur brand Ruavieja and advertising agency Leo Burnett Madrid teamed up for an ad campaign titled “Tenemos Que Vernos Más,” or “We Have to See More of Each Other.” The 4 1/2-minute Spanish-language video, which is also offered with English subtitles, stresses the value of in-person interactions in a world often interrupted by technology.

In the ad, an off-camera interviewer talks to people in various relationships — friends who met when they were kids, two sisters, and a mother and son, among others — about how often they see each other in person. The interviewer then uses an algorithm based on the time the people said they spend together and factors like age and life expectancy to loosely predict how many more days the loved ones are likely to spend together.

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