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How you can keep marijuana-free zones for kids

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The exhaustive and collective efforts of youth-serving organizations and hundreds of Denver residents to establish 1,000-feet marijuana-free kid zones is at risk.

Smart Colorado was created after the legalization of recreational marijuana specifically to protect kids. At first just a handful of parents, we realized we were the only ones speaking up for kids amid a huge scrum of marijuana industry lobbyists.

Time and time again since then, the interests of the marijuana industry for more profits have collided with the need to protect Colorado kids. Each time, Smart Colorado has fought to protect youth.

Now we’re asking Denver residents to send a message to their city officials. The Denver City Council is considering reducing the requirement that businesses where marijuana use is allowed be at least 1,000 feet from places where children congregate like schools, childcare centers, public recreation centers and pools.

It’s common sense: Kids should be kept a safe distance from marijuana businesses.

It’s no wonder that groups including the American Academy of Pediatrics Colorado Chapter, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Children’s Campaign, The Kempe Foundation, the Denver Partnership for Youth Success and other youth serving organizations share our concerns.

But the marijuana industry is pressuring Denver officials to roll back this 1,000-foot safe zone for kids.

If you live in Denver, please take a moment to sign our online petition, which we will present to the Denver City Council on Monday, Nov. 19.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to protect kids from marijuana commercialization.

-Smart Colorado

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